salsa chicken


tonight when i got home from crossfit, beth & the kids(the family upstairs) had an amazing paleo-friendly meal ready. beth sells shaklee & made the salsa chicken dish from shaklee’s cinch club. it was delicious & she also made some steamed broccoli with coconut oil & mini baked potatoes. we all ate outside on the porch & then played an intense game (someone may have peed their pants) of hide & seek freeze tag- the kids even went inside & changed into all black so they couldn’t be seen in the dark. beth & i were it and the 4 kids gave us some serious runs. beth had the champion moment to end the game when she braved a run through the brush & bushes & finally tagged wesley. playing is so good for the body & the soul!

noah; you can find this boy snacking on a head of lettuce, a stalk of celery, a whole cucumber... the list goes on, he seriously LOVES his veggies


2 Responses to “salsa chicken”

  1. AHHH!!! I love that he LOVES eating veggies!! That’s SOOO cool :)

  2. 2 ciocco

    he is a seriously amazing kid & very into his veggies :) plenty to learn from him!

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