q & a: protein snacks


this post goes out to my bro. he lives out in sunny california with his new bride & just took on a sweet new job with a lobster-man. i couldn’t be prouder of him; he is one of the hardest workers i know & he’s burning lots of energy out on the boat now that the lobster season is officially underway in SoCal. the alarm goes off at a ripe 2:30am & he doesn’t get back to the harbor until evening. he’s been looking for some protein snacks to eat throughout the day & since this is a common question, i thought i’d write out a go-to list & i’ll add to it along the way. i’m sure some of you seasoned-paleo eaters have some favorites to add to the list, so please do!

  • organic beef/turkey jerky (be sure to check out the ingredients) & veggies
  • raw walnuts, coconut flakes & raisins
  • tuna & spinach
  • roasted chicken & carrots
  • hard boiled eggs, handful of spinach & 1/2 avocado
  • celery sticks & almond butter
  • lox & cucumbers
  • bonfire’s green monster smoothie: kale, spinach, banana, avocado, coconut oil, coconut water, fish oil
  • sweet & salty trail mix
  • yamanana bread

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  1. 1 Grace Cecilia

    love you laur

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