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yamanana bread


yamanana bread is ideal for post-workout nutrition, breakfast and a quick complete snack. it is the perfect combination of protein (eggs), carbs (yam & banana) and good fats (coconut oil). there are many possibilities with this dish, so as always feel free to take some liberties with it. i don’t know exactly where this recipe […]

banana bread


i had some over ripe bananas & thought that they would work well in place of the pumpkin in the pumpkin almond butter bread. this bread is delicious & simple! again, there’s plenty of room to experiment with this & add in spices, nuts, etc. ingredients: 1 cup almond butter 3/4 cup mashed banana 1 […]

at the start of the year, we had a raw/paleo dessert & game night. my friend lex brought over a delicious pumpkin almond butter dessert. today, lex brought over the recipe for me. the original recipe can be found on this primal life blog. this blog follows the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson which is […]

(recipe adapted from elana’s pantry) we have some friends staying with us this weekend (hi burt & katie!). they had a concert to go to in boston late saturday night and needed a late ride back to our apartment. after going to see the green zone, i needed to keep myself up.. perfect time to […]



ingredients: elana’s nutty bread oven-roasted turkey avocado romaine lettuce green onions tomatoes