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created by lindsay, made for 2 people (warning: this might get a little messy when eating!) ingredients for eggplant: 4 slices eggplant (about 1/4 inch) 1 eggs 1 tablespoons water 1 cup almond flour/meal evoo for pan seasonings: thyme, oregano, sea salt, basil (or choose your own) fixings for sandwich: romaine lettuce cut 1 sliced […]



coconut flour pizza recipe since giving up grains, the one food that still tempts me is pizza- i’ve tried the almond flour pizza- which is still decent- but this pizza here, made with coconut flour actually tastes like pizza! i’m pretty excited about it- the recipe can be found right here. the only modification i […]

lunch to go ingredients: cubed avocado a couple variations of heirloom tomatoes (green & red pictured) cubed small slices of celery sliced green onion slivered almonds shake of sea salt (to taste), pepper, oregano, (curry) (grilled chicken, spinach, greens, romaine to make a wrap,…) directions: toss all together eat over spinach.. meat.. mix in slices […]

this delicious & flavorful dish comes from one of my faaaavooorites, mary helen. i get to see the lovely mary helen every day at work where we practice community eating :) aka what’s yours is mine & what’s mine is yours (you might even get someone at your desk with just a fork in hand […]

this mixture was inspired by jen’s awesome post on breakfast (amazing blog, seriously encouraging & reeeeaally fun to read). ingredients: swiss chard (cut out the stem) (leftover) cubed lemon roasted chicken cubed tomato, cucumber, avocado chopped onion oregano to taste pepper to taste directions: mix ingredients (except for swiss chard) & let sit together if […]



spinach, onion, red cabbage, avocado, tomato, mango, roasted chicken, lime & coconut milk yogurt one of my favorite salads lately: spinach chives green onion red cabbage avocado slivered almonds sesame seeds sliced turkey/leftover chicken chopped hard boiled egg sliced apple



ingredients: elana’s nutty bread oven-roasted turkey avocado romaine lettuce green onions tomatoes