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lunch to go ingredients: cubed avocado a couple variations of heirloom tomatoes (green & red pictured) cubed small slices of celery sliced green onion slivered almonds shake of sea salt (to taste), pepper, oregano, (curry) (grilled chicken, spinach, greens, romaine to make a wrap,…) directions: toss all together eat over spinach.. meat.. mix in slices […]

a few weekends ago, a bunch of us went to the crossfit regionals in albany to support some of the athletes at our gym. we all got some serious motivation to keep on pushing ourselves & set some goals for ourselves. it was great to be around so many motivated people who take care of […]



spinach, onion, red cabbage, avocado, tomato, mango, roasted chicken, lime & coconut milk yogurt one of my favorite salads lately: spinach chives green onion red cabbage avocado slivered almonds sesame seeds sliced turkey/leftover chicken chopped hard boiled egg sliced apple