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ingredients: 4 ears grilled corn 1 cup grape tomatoes, quartered 2 avocados, cubed 4 oz crumbled goat cheese chives, chopped 1 lime s&p to taste directions: cut the corn off the cob in a serving bowl, place tomatoes in the bottom add a pinch of salt & a pinch of pepper layer the goat cheese […]

lunch to go ingredients: cubed avocado a couple variations of heirloom tomatoes (green & red pictured) cubed small slices of celery sliced green onion slivered almonds shake of sea salt (to taste), pepper, oregano, (curry) (grilled chicken, spinach, greens, romaine to make a wrap,…) directions: toss all together eat over spinach.. meat.. mix in slices […]

dinner: roasted sweet potatoes (evoo, sea salt & thyme) fresh large romaine leaves & carrots roasted asparagus (evoo & sea salt) cauliflower rice (cooked in coconut oil, thyme & coriander) grilled citrus chicken dessert bowl: vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream (better than regular ice cream- found in organic freezer section at local grocery store) […]

there are some dishes that are much better on a bed of something that resembles rice/grains.. this cauliflower rice is fairly neutral (i would not have thought that i would’ve liked this) and could easily go in a bunch of different directions with some spices/sauces.  i had this the other night with a thai chicken […]

elana’s chicken picatta roasted carrots: toss sliced carrots with some evoo, sea salt, pepper & seasonings, place on baking sheet & roast @ 425 for 20 minutes