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this post goes out to my bro. he lives out in sunny california with his new bride & just took on a sweet new job with a lobster-man. i couldn’t be prouder of him; he is one of the hardest workers i know & he’s burning lots of energy out on the boat now that […]

a few weekends ago, a bunch of us went to the crossfit regionals in albany to support some of the athletes at our gym. we all got some serious motivation to keep on pushing ourselves & set some goals for ourselves. it was great to be around so many motivated people who take care of […]

morning rituals


this past week, the chiropractor’s office had morning rituals at 5:30am everyday. it was the third part of their motivating spring cleaning program to rejuvenate everyone in the areas of eating, moving & thinking well. i personally have been working on improving my morning time by waking up earlier, so that i can start the […]